We produce your Radio Bar creating a unique identity through music

Music can be used to create a wide variety of environments and emotions in a business.
To have an impact on the mood of the customers and even to raise the spirit of the staff

What are the advantages of having your own RADIO? BAR?

Brand awareness

Music is an important factor when considering the way in which your bar is perceived by your customers

to influence the behavior and the mood of the customer

There is a link between the rhythm of the music and the customers' activities in different contexts. For example, fast paced rhythms encourage clients to drink and consume faster, just as the presence or absence of music has an impact on the amount of time a person will spend at your bar. Some studies have even research the link between music and thirst concluding that high sound levels may increase stimulation in the body which leads to drink faster and in higher quantities.

Allow your clients to relax

Many people go to the bar after work hours to relax and to find a moment of peace, talk to friends and have a drink in order to escape the stress and monotony of the daily life.

It improves productivity

Music reproduction at the bar may also affect its employees. Many studies confirm that people who regularly listen to music while at work have a better performance at their jobs than those who does not.

It may raise the spirit of the employee

Listening to music at your business may lead to feeling happier. Psychologically speaking, it has been proven that music can generate certain brain waves related to calm and attention, the same way it may generate the stimulation of certain neuronal brain connections which makes us feel good and happier.

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