People who listen to music at work improve their performance.
When they listen to music, their body generates a substance called dopamine, which helps reduce stress and associate work with something they value positively.

According to the study “The effect of music listening on work performance” by researcher Teresa Lesiuk (University of Windsor), published in the journal 'Psychology of Music', listening to music at work has a positive impact on workers' performance.

Music can help achieve better results in professional environments.

Studies have revealed that in weeks when workers listened to music, they were 20% faster, and melodic sounds help motivate dopamine secretion in the brain's reward area, resulting in improved mood, self-esteem, disposition, and health benefits.

Furthermore, it was shown that when workers listened to upbeat music, their performance was 12.5% higher compared to when they didn't listen to music.

Music also makes a person feel more confident, thus favoring their attitude in carrying out any business activity or relationship, according to the mentioned study.


Music and Emotions

Can music help us reduce work stress and improve our concentration?

The change in melody is also a symptom of change in the workers' minds and emotions. This mood is shown favorably in relationships between coworkers, customer service, and the enthusiasm with which a worker goes to the office. Therefore, to the extent that a sense of well-being and joy is created, workers also feel much better about themselves.According to the Source Vision Critical survey of companies in the United Kingdom,

  • Music can motivate workers, increase morale, and create a better work environment: 65% of companies say that music in the workplace makes us more productive.
  • According to the EMR Consumer Survey, 58% of employees said they were more productive when listening to music at work.
  • Also, 58% of participants worked faster when proofreading and entering data while listening to pop music.
  • 7 out of 10 people achieve better concentration and improve their mood when they listen to music during their workday.
  • 88% of participants in a MusicWorks study worked more accurately when listening to music.

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