How does music affect our brains?

The key zones of our brain that are affected by music are those related to movement. Music is considered among the things that generates more pleasure in life, releasing dopamine in the brain just like sex, food and drugs

A melody can work in our behalf by modulating our state of mind or the physiology better than words.

Can the music help us to sell?
Yes it can!
We help you to improve the shopping experience through our radios

The music you choose directly affects the shopping decisions of your customers

We know that fast paced tunes make us speed up so it is advisable to use this kind of music at rush hours when the store is full of customers. A fast paced joyful tune will help to generate a sense of energy and activity and the customers will be less focused on the number of people.

Do you sell cheap items or have special deals?
So turn up the music!

It has been demonstrated that customers dedicate less time to analyze the quality of the products and buy more when such a tune is playing in the background. And what if your product has bright colors? In that case, play a joyful music. They will sense a cheerful environment and will be encouraged to shop.

Slow tempo tunes, on the other hand, will relax us and make us slow our pace. It also encourages us to pay more attention to details. If you opt for this type of music, customers will focus more on your products, they will stop and spend more time at the store. However, this type of music is highly recommended if the store is empty or if you sell wellness or natural products.

with Radio RETAIL you can

figure dancing

Enhance the spirit of your customers and improve the shopping experience

figure lifting barbell

Train your staff continuously reminding them of promotions and special campaigns

Redeem your investment and create a new business unit

We help you to create a new business unit giving your suppliers the chance to communicate their products as advertising pieces, as in traditional radios, allowing the customers to remember them.

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